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Up My Life advocates a holistic approach health, well-being and personal growth. Through various programs and transformational coaching clients create sustainable, empowering and vital lifestyle design.

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90-day superhero transformation.

A personalized coaching program designed specifically for parents to align health goals with empowering lifestyle habits. If you want to live an inspired life and be the example your children need, this coaching program is for you. Ideal for those looking to unleash their personal potential through nutrition and movement.

become their superhero

The benefit of optimizing your personal health extends directly to your family. Parents want the best for their children but often forget about themselves in the process. You need to be the example. Supercharge your superhero!

12 personal coaching sessions exclusively with Jason Podollan (online or phone)

Unlimited email, phone and text support

90-day program to kickstart your superhero transformation

Limited email support

Available to men and women regardless of location

Grow a strong, healthy and connected family

If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done. - Thomas Jefferson

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For more information on the 90-day Superhero Transformation program or to book your free Success Call contact me below.

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