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rite of passage retreat.

"sowing seeds of connection, to grow roots of influence"

A 3 night nonreligious retreat June 13-16 this Father's Day, in the beautiful Okanagan Valley based out of Predator Ridge Resort. A once in a lifetime opportunity for fathers to grow powerful connections with their sons. You will learn new skills, overcome physical challenges and participate in workshops and lectures presented by respected experts on topics like potential, growth mindset, and overcoming adversity. Teaching themes are woven into the fabric of the daily physical activities and conversations. Surrounded by some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery away from the distractions of home, you will create memories to last a lifetime.

"Sowing seeds of connection, to grow roots of influence."

frequently asked questions.

What are “the seeds of connection”?

What are “roots of influence”?

Does the Retreat have religious theming?

What does the Rite of Passage include?

Who are the people involved in the Retreat?

What type of activities are we doing?

Are the activities safe?

I’m out of shape! Can I do this?

These themes sound too mature for my son, what if my son isn’t ready?

When is the Retreat?

Who is the Retreat For?

What if the dates don’t work?

How do we get there?

What do we need to bring?

Where will we be staying and what are the accommodations like?

Am I responsible for meals?

What can we expect for weather?

Can I bring both of my son’s?

Can I bring my wife?

Can we stay with another Father/Son team?

What is the price and payment policy of the Retreat?

How do I apply?

apply now.

Don't miss this opportunity. Spots are very limited.

contact me.

For more information on the Father-Son Rite of Passage program contact me below.

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