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Up My Life advocates a holistic approach health, well-being and personal growth. Through various programs and transformational coaching clients create sustainable, empowering and vital lifestyle design.

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"Do your habits reflect your goals and dreams?"

Urban Meyer

Mind and body are beautifully connected, and movement forges the bond between them. We get one vehicle for this journey, be sure to take care of it. 

We all have a body that was designed to move and carry us through life. The problem is most of us don’t move enough. Sedentary work conditions and lifestyle choices have caused us to gain unhealthy weight, stiffen our joints, and made our muscles soft and weak.

The answer to our problems is movement and competition. We need to move and participate physically with life. My clients find ways to approach functional movement and create habits and routines that promote vitality. Fitness cannot be put in a box and it doesn’t have to mean a gym membership. I work with my clients on incorporating time sensitive, results driven routines into their lifestyle.

The quality of your movement, the duration, frequency, and types of movements themselves are all critical for maximizing our results. I can help make your goals a reality.

Create the mindset to become a participant in life

Feel younger and turn on your metabolic fat burning switch

Tools to overcome what's been holding you back

Get maximum results in limited time, for those with busy lives

"Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most ."- Augusta F. Kantra

I would love the opportunity to connect, discuss your goals and find the solution that works for you! I believe we are all meant to live a big and fulfilling life – one of meaning and authenticity!

Up My Life with Jason Podollan